The NEW! Fashion Revolution Canada Pledge: ask brave questions, give brave answers.

April 22-28, 2019 is Fashion Revolution Week, and our crazy ambitious goal is to host Canada’s largest, most diverse conversation about ethical fashion yet. Sign up below to join consumers and brands across the Great White North asking #whomademyclothes, answering #imadeyourclothes, setting totally doable, real-life sustainability goals … and jumpstarting a year of action to follow. Scroll down for the 30-second sign-up.

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“During Fashion Revolution Week [April 22-28, 2019],

I’ll ask at least one brand #whomademyclothes on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
I'm ready to accept imperfect answers, and to support my favourite brands in setting measurable, attainable sustainability goals.”

A note from the FashRevCan team: We’re building a movement that’s rooted in calling people in, not calling them out. We think there are two great ways to use the #whomademyclothes campaign:

  1. As a way to kindly invite brands without apparent sustainability goals to set at least one, and be part of a movement that’s rooted in progress, not perfection.

  2. As a way to shine a light on brands whose sustainability efforts you already love, but who may not know they can access a global Fashion Revolution audience by telling their #imadeyourclothes story.

Choose one or both approaches - just make sure you’re inviting engagement, not shame. The goal is creating real change, not guilt.

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“During Fashion Revolution Week [April 22-28, 2019],

we will publish to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter one measurable, attainable goal for improving our impact on people or planet by Fashion Revolution Week 2020. If we know the people behind our products, we’ll publish an #imadeyourclothes post, too.”

A note from the FashRevCan team to brands: this can be scary stuff, friends, and we know it. The goal here is progress, not perfection - and to show your customers the real-life, often uncomfortable challenges of building an ethical apparel line from the inside out. Have no idea who makes your products? Don’t hide. Tell your audience about the sustainable choices you have made, and what resources you’ll need to make more. Already running a business you’re pretty darn proud of? Help your audience understand what challenges you’re still facing, and how they can support you through them.

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